Stealth Rifle (Project Five)


I refer to this rifle as my stealth rifle because there is nothing shiny on it.


The wood is stained very dark and the patch box door and nose cap are made from a piece of solid black cow horn.


The star inlaid in the check piece and the extension on the cheek piece are also made from solid black cow horn. The carving behind the cheek piece I did under the supervision of John Bivens while at the gun makers school at the University of Western Kentucky.


The thin stripe at the end of the barrel and the tip on the front sight are 24k gold. The nose cap and rod tip are made from solid black cow horn. This is my favorite single barrel rifle. I’ve carried this rifle many miles while hunting deer, bear, moose and caribou. This is also the rifle I use for the biathlons and woods walks. This rifle is 54 caliber and weighs just under seven pounds.

2 thoughts on “Stealth Rifle (Project Five)”

  1. The stealth rifle is one of my all time favorite rifles. I will never forget our trip to Snugglers Notch, Vermont for my first primitive bi-athalon.

  2. It’s good to have one that you carry and use often. People nowadays have too many; so they never master any one of them.

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