58 Caliber Swivel Breech Rifle (Project Four)

Project4Photo132″ 58 caliber rifled barrels. Length 48″ Total weight 12 lbs. Brass hardware and double set triggers.Project4Photo2Stocked with curly maple and carved. Eagle ribbon engraved with N.H. slogan, “Live Free or Die.”Project4Photo3This rifle has hunted very hard for the last fourteen years and shows very little wear.


Project4Photo7This rifle was built for my son in 1993. Although I had warned him it would be quite heavy, he had not yet reached his thirty-first birthday and being in excellent health, he did not think it would pose a problem. When he was in his forties, he realized I was right and I built him a 8.5 lb. swivel rifle. (See Father-Son Rifles)Project4Photo8


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