Huntley 40 and 50 Cal (Project 31)

These two rifles were built for the same person. dsc_0214.jpg

This rifle was built for a friend. It’s highly carved, it has a lot of silver wire inlay and the metal is highly engraved, more than I normally do. dsc_0201.jpg


The moon and wire are sterling silver. DSC_0217IMG_0132Extensive metal engraving, including the top jaw on the cock. The barrel is engraved on the three top flats. img_01311.jpgIMG_0119The lock was left in the white at the owner’s request. img_01251.jpgimg_01241.jpgimg_01221.jpgimg_01201.jpgimg_01181.jpgimg_01161.jpgimg_01151.jpgDave Huntley 40 Cal (Project Thirty-one)



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