Midnight Lace (Project 23)


This swivel breech referred to as the Midnight Lace project was done under contract for a private collector.

People have asked, “Why do you call this your Midnight Lace project?” The black stain with the ivory moon appears to be midnight. I’ve been told the silver wire looks like lace; from that, the term midnight lace.

The tip of the cheek piece is tipped with a piece of black cow horn that is slightly opaque. The moon is made from a piece of mammoth ivory surrounded by silver wire inlay. The carvings in front of and behind the cheek piece

The patch box lid with high relief carving surrounded by engraved silver. The wood is cherry and stained very dark. High relief carving in the wrist.

The steel has been chiseled out and of the background has been gilded with 24-karat gold.

The release side plate is also made from Damascus steel, inlaid with silver and 24-karat gold.

The lock and frizzen plates are built from Damascus steel.

The screws go between the barrels, and into the base of the thimbles. The inlays around the screws are silver and 24-karat gold. There are three of these, one for each thimble.

The lock plate and release plate are Damascus steel inlaid with silver and gold.

The design of the high relief carving on the swivel plates will match when either barrel is in the firing position.

The inlays are silver and 24-karat gold.

The butt plate is inlaid with silver and gold.

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