Father-Son Rifles (Project Eight)


The hunter’s star is made from elephant ivory. img_8346_0619_rl.jpgimg_8344_0617_rl.jpgimg_8335_0608_rl.jpgimg_8333_0606_rl.jpg3gun_rl

I built these three rifles from the same piece of stump wood curly maple. These three rifles are identical in design. The top swivel breech rifle I made for myself with a single trigger. The second swivel breech I made for my son, the only difference is he has a set trigger. The third rifle is a single barreled rifle built for my son to match his swivel breech. IMG_8329_0602_rlIMG_8331_0604_rlIMG_8337_0610_rl

The lock plate and side release plate are made from Damascus steel. IMG_8341_0614_rl