Rifle’s for the Family (Project 29)

I built these two rifles for the family. They’re absolutely identical in every way. I started with a 38″ swamped 40 caliber barrel. I cut two inches off the breech end to lighten them up. As a result, they weighed just under 7 pounds.2gunA_rl

The raised cheek piece is made from a piece of solid black cow horn, the silver inlay is sterling silver and the wire inlay is 24k gold, the moon is elephant ivory. The dots in the center of the checkering are gold. img_8306_0579_rl.jpg2gunb_rl.jpg



This one has Lilli’s name in 24k gold strip inside the patch box so I can tell which one is hers. She won many gold metals with this rifle all over New England and at the Nationals in Friendship, Indiana, I felt that she should have it. IMG_8304_0577_rl