Long Black Gun. Rifle and Smoothbore (Project 28)

This is a gun I built for myself, the gun is part fowler and part rifle, so the design and decoration reflect a little from each school. It is very contemporary.

Both barrels 54 caliber, 32″ long.

The wood is a very dense piece of cherry stained as black as I could get it. There is a lot of silver inlay and wire in this gun.

The lock, side plate and frizzen plates are made from Damascus steel. All the rest of the metal is steel with an antique finish.

The carvings are in high relief. The wood on this gun was exceptionally hard and carved very well.

Both barrels have sites. The smoothbore not only shoots a round ball very well but also shoots bird shot quite nicely.

The metal is high relief engraved with the background matted out to make it stand out more predominately.