Lancaster County Style (Project Twelve)

These rifles were featured on the cover of Muzzle Blast magazine in May 2004.

These three rifles were built under contract for a father and two sons.


One rifle is a swivel breech and the other two are single barrel rifles.

The wood for each of these rifles were cut from the same plank that I had been saving for ten years, waiting for a special job to use it for.

The patch boxes are an original design and are a combination of silver and brass.


All of the three rifles are 50 caliber. The single barreled rifle has a 38” swamped barrel, total weight 7 lbs. The swivel breech rifle has a 32” straight tapered barrel, weighing only 8.5 lbs. each.


The rifles are contemporary in design, but reflect the Lancaster County Style. They are identical except one is a swivel breech and the others are regular single barreled rifles. The carving and silver wire inlays are also identical on each rifle.

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