Billy Bright (Project 19)

Swivel Breech rifle with three sets of barrels.

There is a piece of elephant ivory inlet into the cheek piece and the barrel inlays and wire is German silver. The sights are tipped with gold.

This rifle was built for a person in California in 2008, that I met as a complete stranger at the Custom Gun Builders and Engravers Show in Reno, Nevada. Since then we have become very good friends.

This rifle has three sets of barrels, one set in 54 caliber, both rifled, 32″ long. The second set of barrels has one 40 caliber barrel, rifled and one 28 gage smooth barrel, 28″ long. The third set of barrels are both 54 caliber smooth bore and are 28″ long.

The metal is finished with an antique finish, and the wood is an exceptionally nice piece of curly maple stump wood, highly carved and stained very dark to resemble an aged rifle.