Fancy American Fowler (Project Twenty-two)

This Fowler I built under contract for a customer. His instructions were, “I want an exceptionally nice American Fowler.” I consider this an exceptionally nice American Fowler.

Fancy American Fowler (Project Twenty-two)IMG_0955Fancy American Fowler (Project Twenty-two)img_0957.jpgIMG_0959IMG_0960

IMG_0963Fancy American Fowler (Project Twenty-two)

Fancy American Fowler (Project Twenty-two)img_0560.jpgAll hardware is brass with typical Fowler engraving.IMG_0562Fancy American Fowler (Project Twenty-two)IMG_0566IMG_0567IMG_0568Fancy American Fowler (Project Twenty-two) 1Fancy American Fowler (Project Twenty-two)IMG_0570Fancy American Fowler (Project Twenty-two)IMG_0572Fancy American Fowler (Project Twenty-two)IMG_0573IMG_0574Fancy American Fowler (Project Twenty-two)IMG_0575Fancy American Fowler (Project Twenty-two)IMG_0577

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